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Our values are not options but calls to action. The circumstances in which we live out our values vary widely but the value is pertinent in each.

Act with Love & Respect in All We Do.
In all interactions we act with love and respect.  In conversations and in actions we show love and respect.  At times of conflict, we display love and respect.  No person has the right to negate the worth of another and any such discrimination will be grounds for disciplinary action.  We lift people up; we don’t tear people down.

Do the Right Thing
While the “right thing” is not always readily known we search for it in all situations. When mistakes happen, we respond by an apology and commitment that we will make it right. This is a commitment that provides an impetus for action and an evaluation tool for the same.

Go Above & Beyond
We aren’t motivated to simply provide basic care and services. We seek the exceptional. The commitment to go above and beyond drives us to think of alternatives to meeting each other’s needs in this community. We listen for the unsaid need and strive to fulfill it.

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