Wellness Services

Wellness Center at Westminster Village As you grow older, an active lifestyle is the key to staying happy and healthy. Regular exercise can boost your energy level, maintain your independence and manage symptoms of illness or pain. At Westminster Village we provide a variety of ways to get more active, improve confidence and help you feel good. We provide state-of-the-art fitness equipment and programming designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Our wellness program is free to the residents of Westminster Village and includes individualized fitness programs and group exercise classes led by certified personal trainers. While our focus is on improving total quality of life for our residents, we also provide health and wellness educational lectures and discussions which cover topics such as nutrition, heart health, managing stress, coping with loss, fall prevention and living with arthritis. Our wellness services are available to residents in all areas of Westminster Village including Assisted Living, Martin Health Center and the Willows.

Group Exercise Class Options:

  • Body Balance- Mondays/Fridays
  • Advanced Balance- Wednesdays
  • Sit, Stand & Move!- Tuesdays/Fridays
  • Flexible Fitness- Mondays/Wednesdays
  • Hands in Motion (Arthritis class) – Mondays/Thursdays
  • Zumba GOLD- Thursdays
  • Chair Chi- Wednesdays/Fridays
  • Advanced Cardio Circuit- Tuesdays/Thursdays
  • Martin Health Center Muscle-Up- Tuesdays/Thursdays
  • Foundation Fun Walks- Mondays (During Spring and Summer)
  • Assisted Living Chair Exercise- Daily (Twice on Tuesdays & Thursdays!)

Therapy Services:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Resident Testimonials:  

“We are very happy and content with all the support we receive from the staff at Westminster Village.  We participate in many of the wellness classes such as chair-chi, balance class, flexible fitness and sit & fit.  We really enjoy the individualized wellness training we receive in the Wellness Center as well.”  Frank & Linda S. 

“Within a month in the wellness program I noticed big changes. I achieved more range of motion in my shoulder and the chronic pain became much less severe. Perhaps my biggest achievement is that I am able now to walk with a cane when I choose to. After nearly four years of being unable to walk without the walker, I can now ambulate fairly easily with a cane. I never believed that I would ever be able to do so again. We are indeed blessed here at Westminster Village to have this program available for our well-being. ” John N.

Wellness Videos:

Hands in Motion Class

Flexible Fitness Class

Chair Chi Class

Chair Zumba Gold Class

Sit & Fit Class

Zumba Gold Standing Class

The Wellness Center in the News:

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