History of Westminster Village

          In the early 1970’s, the thought of a retirement community began to form.  The Reverend Phillip Queen of Second Presbyterian Church and Dr. Harold Martin formed a committee to investigate the possibility.  Concurrently, a not-for-profit chain of communities, Presbyterian Housing Program (PHP) began investigating possibilities in Central Illinois.

          1976:  A feasibility study was conducted, and Second Presbyterian Church provided office space and agreed to act as consultants.

          1977: Forty plus acres of farmland was purchased on the east edge of Bloomington and the groundbreaking for construction efforts began on November 8, 1977.

          1979:  Westminster Village officially opened on November 1, 1979.

          1980:  Martin Health Center opened in November, 1980.

          1981:  Westminster Village ended its partnership with Presbyterian Housing Program and Westminster Village was established as a not-for-profit organization.

          1988: The Village expanded its single method of entry to include rental and equity return options.

          1989:  The area originally known as Independent Living II was formed.

          1995:  The Village started construction on the Willows Duplexes.

          2006: Independent Living II transitioned to Licensed Assisted Living.

First Board President:                            Mr. Elmo Gentes

First Residents to Place a Deposit:  Dr. and Mrs. Woodrow Sorenson

First Residents to Move In:                  Mr. and Mrs. Bertie Bunn

First Executive Director:                       Rev. John Andrae

Previous Land Owner:                           Mrs. Herbert Garling